iStock_000013030971_SmallBaladna is dedicated to providing a democratic and secular platform in which the North Carolina Palestinian community is able to convene, educate, volunteer, and unite for the equality, dignity, and freedom of Palestine and the inalienable rights of Palestinians worldwide. Baladna focuses attention on promoting and preserving Palestinian heritage and history; all while advocating service and social outreach complementing our American ideals. We aim to unite and empower the Palestinian community while providing a safe haven for all members through our passion for Palestine and commitment to servicing and improving the collective community of North Carolina.


Baladna focuses on providing peaceful retreat within the North Carolina community. Through consisting of unique individuals rooted with both American ideals and Palestinian culture, our diversity serves as an opportunity to attract, harbor, and reflect safe and peaceful morals through our Palestinian culture and North Carolina community alike.



Baladna understands that at times we may take our blessings for granted. This is why we are committed to truly building relationships and assisting others in need in any way possible. Baladna is fully dedicated to serving and giving back to our North Carolina community


Baladna believes that it will take many years to build, protect and improve our community, which is why we always strive towards sustaining our efforts for generations to come. Focusing our time and effort to morally and historically educate our youth as well as encompass the meaning of Palestinian culture will help maintain our passion for Palestine and its identity into the future.