Baladna focuses on providing social platforms in order to unite and connect our community . Through consisting of unique individuals rooted with both American ideals and Palestinian culture, our diversity serves as an opportunity to attract, harbor, and reflect safe and peaceful morals through our Palestinian culture and North Carolina community alike. Outreach through similar organizations, as well as those differing in background, will develop a dynamic platform that will better serve our community for years to come.



Baladna appreciates and thrives on the pride of being Palestinian. We have been blessed with a rich history of such beautiful culture and heritage. For that reason, it is every generation's responsibility to pass that treasure along to the next leaders of our community. Here in North Carolina we are fortunate enough to have individuals from numerous generations that are a direct source of knowledge of our culture. Baladna is committed to orchestrating the transition of that knowledge between generations, with a goal of sustaining every facet of being a Palestinian for years to come.


Baladna’s foundation is built on developing our Palestinian community in North Carolina. The main block of this foundation will be the commitment to our youth. By organizing fun programs, activities and mentoring initiatives, we will be able to educate our youth, all while enriching them with the passion and pride of being Palestinian-American. The other major block is providing resources and workshops to assist and support our young adults in jump-starting, or advancing their professional careers. Investing in our community now will ensure success for years to come.