• Baladna Dabkeh Academy

    Have you ever been at a wedding and had the urge to break it down in the dabkeh line but your feet have just not wanted to cooperate? Or perhaps have watched a dabkeh group perform and wished you or your kids were able to be a part of it,

  • Palestinian Culture & History Workshop

    Mom, what is a thob? Dad, what’s that flute thing that guy is playing for the dabkeh group? Why are there pictures of olives and olive trees all over Palestinian websites? What happened in 1948…1967? These are examples of questions we all hear from the younger generation on a constant

  • Educational Tutoring Workshops

    Algebra,Science, English, Spanish, History…the list of classes our children are taking these days continues to grow. Perhaps your child has come home and needed help with a certain subject or concept and you haven’t found an avenue for someone in the community to be able to tutor and assist them

  • Professional Development Seminars

    Those same graduates that we have graduating year after year are all either establishing, or continuing, successful careers in various fields. Baladna is formulating a platform in which our professional leaders will provide various seminars such as resume building, interview mastery, professional best practices as well as various other topics